PLUM is a next generation solution for InteractiveTV that uses newest technologies and protocols in order to provide all possibilities of modern iTV.

Plum is innovative software that combines Middleware, Origin server and Edge server enabling all the benefits that are important for end users but also for the providers. Plum is offering all popular functionalities of an iTV system but Plum team is also constantly developing new features because demands keep rising every day.


As a central component of an iTV system, Plum Middleware has a task to present all the options available in the system to the user and to connect the complete system into one whole. No matter if the service is offered by managed (IPTV, Hybrid) or unmanaged (OTT) networks, Plum Middleware makes video content available, accessible, and easy to consume anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Plum Middleware is already integrated with Plum Origin server, and that enables it to offer a variety of features. When Plum Origin receives the content in correct format he does the processing, recording and further delivery to the Edge servers.

Plum Middleware is also integrated with Edge servers. Edge servers distribute the content, which they received from Origin server, to the end users.




Plum basically covers all the iTV system in service providers headend except the acquisition of the content, which means that the multiplexer and transcoder are not included in Plum solution.

Plum is a very open platform that gives lots of possibilities for integration with other transcoders, STB’s and DRM/CAS vendors which makes it very appealing to providers who already have some preferences or have already cooperated with some vendors which they prefer.