Elta-Kabel Case Study by Plum

Elta-Kabel Case Study by Plum

iTV is a way for providers to improve their offer and to keep their users from leaving them
and go to the competition. But there is another aspect in iTV and that is OTT which allows
gaining new users outside of provider’s network.
Elta-Kabel is Cable and internet provider in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with HFC network in
Banja Luka, Prijedor, Doboj, Trebinje, Zvornik, Tuzla and many other cities all across the
country. Elta-Kabel also has FTTH network on several locations. They decided to implement
iTV in HFC, FTTH network and also to have OTT service in Bosnia, Slovenia and diaspora.

More about this cooperation you can read in the link bellow.


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