• ANGA COM 2017 Plum ITV
  • ANGA COM 2016 fair – Plum IPTV
  • ANGA COM 2016 exhibition Plum IPTV
  • ANGA COM 2016 – Plum IPTV


2016 is the year of milestones for PLUM iTV.

First commercial performance of Plum IPTV solution was established at the fair ANGACOM, which was held from 7. to 9. June in the German city Cologne.

Plum iTV joined the race to conquer the world market in IPTV / OTT, guided by the motto “Never underestimate the power of a group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has”.

In this case, Plum team is fully committed to provide a solution for end user to select the programs they want to watch at any time, any place and on any media device(TV set, PC, Smartphone, iPad, etc).

So when you think about IPTV, we want you to remember our slogan “PLUM YOURSELF on any device”

Interest for our both has did not surprise anyone, but it was higher than we expected. So, we started talks negotiations with several companies about the implementation of our solutions in their systems.

Also, the presence at ANGACOM is planned for next year too.

Part of the atmosphere can be viewed down below.

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