This year’s ANGACOM congress and exhibition reached new record levels and ended with an outstanding result of 460 exhibitors. We can proudly say that our company was part of this story. We have continued tradition of exhibiting on ANGACOM, and this year we have meet our new and old partner. It is a very pleasant experience to […]

Elta-Kabel Case Study by Plum

iTV is a way for providers to improve their offer and to keep their users from leaving them and go to the competition. But there is another aspect in iTV and that is OTT which allows gaining new users outside of provider’s network. Elta-Kabel is Cable and internet provider in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with HFC […]

Invest Inženjerig Case Study by Plum

Invest Inženjering is a succesfull service provider in Serbia whose offer consisted from Internet but also Cable TV with DOCISIS 3.0 in Novi Sad and Bačka Palanka. Since they setup their own FTTH network in Čelarevo, Serbia, they decided to introduce IPTV service there first, and then later go to OTT service – offernig iTV […]

“What’s in it for providers?”

It is clear now that Interactive TV is coming, but are the providers ready for it? Digital television was a big investment just to start with, but it had it’s advantages… More about this subject you can read in the link bellow. READ MORE  

Hybroad cooperation

Plum iTV is glad to begin it’s global partnership with Hybroad. Integration of Plum iTV products (Middleware, Origin, Edge) with Hybroad set-top boxes, has marked the beginning of our mutual cooperation. For now we have participated in two project, Elta-Kabel company located in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Invest-Inženjering –in  Serbia. For now, this partnership holds […]

Evertz Cooperation

  Company Evertz from Canada has integrated their transcoder with our Plum iTV products (Middleware, Origin, Edge). In a live environment, they were convinced that Plum iTV solution has no restrictions and can fully follow the requirements of the modern users to enable the best possible enjoyment of TV viewing. The Evertz-Plum iTV joint solution […]

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  • ANGA COM 2016 fair – Plum IPTV
  • ANGA COM 2016 exhibition Plum IPTV
  • ANGA COM 2016 – Plum IPTV


2016 is the year of milestones for PLUM iTV. First commercial performance of Plum IPTV solution was established at the fair ANGACOM, which was held from 7. to 9. June in the German city Cologne. Plum iTV joined the race to conquer the world market in IPTV / OTT, guided by the motto “Never underestimate […]

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Last year’s performance of our company at the fair has enabled the establishment of new international contacts with partners.  We were pleased to be reunited with our partners, so we could continue our cooperation and mutual growth regarding Plum project. Also, there was a significant number of new clients that we met at this year’s […]

  • ECEBE 2015 – Plum IPTV
  • ECEBE 2015 exhibition Plum IPTV


Every story has a beginning, so did Plum. Plum iTV had its first appearance at a trade telecommunications fair in Budapest, SCTE ECEBE 2015. At that time Plum iTV wasn’t complete commercial product, but it was very exciting for Plum team to present for the first time our vision how IPTV/OTT should work. On a […]