Evertz Cooperation

Evertz Cooperation


Company Evertz from Canada has integrated their transcoder with our Plum iTV products (Middleware, Origin, Edge).

In a live environment, they were convinced that Plum iTV solution has no restrictions and can fully follow the requirements of the modern users to enable the best possible enjoyment of TV viewing.

The Evertz-Plum iTV joint solution provides a solid foundation for launching and operating premium Internet TV/OTT services successfully, so we have started mutual cooperation on several projects. One of them is in company Invest-Inzenjering in Serbia

Stay with us for the following information about this splendid cooperation.

About Evertz

Evertz Microsystems (TSX:ET) is a leading global manufacturer of broadcast equipment that delivers content to television sets, on-demand services, WebTV, IPTV, and mobile devices (like phones and tablets).

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