Often is the case that subscribers have certain issues to find appropriate content mostly because of complicated TV Guide (EPG).

In order to solve this issue, Plum iTV engineers came up with a solution called BuffetTV.
It is projected to work along with TV Guide in order to serve appropriate content to the subscriber after he decides what he wants to watch.

Content categories, which will be separated by colors, will be chosen by pressing appropriate color for category (sport-red, music-blue, movies-green…). After that, all desirable content, day by day, will be shown to the subscriber.


Enables users to pause live stream at any moment. With Plum iTV users can pause any live stream at any time and continue to watch exactly where they stopped. When the user pauses the program on Plum Client application, he was watching live TV but continues watching later at the moment he paused it as Timeshift. This action basically moves the Live channel to the Timeshift domain and transaction is seamlessly done so the user doesn’t have any inconvenience in his viewing experience.


Did you miss some TV show which passed 3 days ago? Plum iTV enables users to very fast and simply reach any TV Show, which already passed, and to watch it or record it through Electronic Program Guide (EPG). Providers can choose a length for recording for each channel from 24h, 48h, 72h or even more if they desire. This lenght of recording per channel is very usefull for providers because it allows them to record only the most interesting channels, some for 7 days, some for 24h and some can be left without recording, which opitimises the use of hardware resources.


Electronic Program Guide is necessary part of an IPTV service because he is essential for Catchup TV functionality. EPG enables users to browse through media content and to be continuously updated with information for passed (catch up), current and upcoming program.


With Plum iTV users are no more obligated to stay in the house and watch content on their TV set. Plum iTV enables end users to watch their favorite content whenever they want and on any electronic device they want. That means that users can now watch TV shows not only on TV (STB) but also on Laptops, Tablets and Phones (Android and iOS). If implemented with OTT platform, iTV service is best used because users can watch their favorite content through internet wherever they are.


Network Personal Video Recorder (nPRV) is fully supported on Plum MW and it offers the possibility for subscribers to record their content in three possible ways.

  • Scheduled recording in accordance with EPG
  • Scheduled recording independently from EPG (setting time for recording so that if EPG is not correct the recording will be completed and it later it can be edited and modified)
  • Local recording while program is on, with REC button


Video On Demand (VoD) is already a classic feature , it is a video library which allows offline watching of movies or series where the subscriber is able to rent and pay desired content.
Providers are given a possibillity to offer subscribers prepaid option for paying via sms, besides the standard option of postpaid.


Personalization is very importan feature for subscribers today. Every subscriber is able to create one or more sub-profiles to his subscription enabling his family members to have their own settings for favorite channels, movies, recordings, reminders and so on. Subscriber will be able to create as many sub-profiles as cable operator allows them but he will also have an option to buy extra sub-profiles that providers is offering through packets.


Marketing is one of the ways for a provider to have a return of investment sooner .Provider is able to create various promotions for their subscribers and therefore to significantly increase his revenue. Promotions are offered through all applications (STB, web and mobile) and managed and updated by administrator. Subscribers will be able to buy:

  • Extra storage for recordings
  • Extra sub-profiles
  • Video on Demand content (individually or packets)
  • Channels (Individually or packages)


The Mosaic function enables users to see multiple channels at the time and to decide which one they want to watch. They can split their TV screen in either four or nine smaller screens. This feature is available only on STB due to big screen size.


With reminders your subscribers will no longer be missing their content. After user sets a reminder he will get a notification 5 minutes (or some other value) before the program starts. He can either set a reminder to automatically change to the desired channel or just to inform him about the program that is starting soon. In first case, STB will switch automatically to the channel. Reminders can also be used for providers, to send notifications to users.


Plum iTV provides subscribers possibility to have complete control of the channels which he watches and which their family members watch. Main subscriber (parent user)can restrict channels on his profile and on profiles of other members as well (children’s profiles). Only the main user has the authority to do these changes and restrictions. The main user, besides locking channels for his profile or children's profiles, also can lock channels in a specific interval of the day. Third way of locking content is reading rating from the EPG.

There is also the possibility to allow or deny children’s profiles to record video content or to buy content like VoD or channels.


Enables subscribers to create a list of favorite contents. Subscribers don’t need to browse always through all content. Instead of that they can create a list of favorite channels or VoD’s that will be their first choice for browsing.

Categories are predefined groups of content which also facilitate browsing. Provider makes these categories which are global for all users. Categories are ususally standard: movies, sport, educative etc for channels or cartoones, action, drama, horor for VoD. In both cases there is a most watched category that automatically records most watched content per user.


Plum Middleware supports Tokenisation, CAS and DRM protection. The provider is able to choose which of these types of protection to use in their headend. Plum also gives providers opportunity to choose a specific DRM vendor for example, with who the integration can be done if he is not integrated with Plum already.


Plum has support for collecting postpaid billing data and also for prepaid sms gateway service. The administrator is able to see the invoice for every subscriber separately in administrative panel. All that data can be exported to other billing systems via web service.


Biggest progress between IPTV/OTT and classical Digital TV is the possibility of monitoring subscribers statistics. Plum MW has integrated statistics which will enable administrators to have insight into what their customers like to watch, what they like to buy, and consequently to create better promotions and offers for them. This will improve providers revenue and customers satisfaction because they will be able to buy exactly what they want and what they need.


All management of the system is integrated into Operator Dashboard - Admin Panel. All details regarding administration of content, packages, invoices, storages, subscribers, promotions etc. are managed in Admin Panel. It is intuitive and easy to use.


Administrators are able to manage all subscribers accounts from admin panel with few simple clicks.

All manipulation with subscribers accounts are done from Subscribers Management System (adding users, deleting users, blocking users, packages assignment...).


Live TV is something that is legacy service from digital television and it is going to keep its place in subscribers homes for quite some time still. It enables users to watch all Live programs from providers offer of channels.